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spoken like a good little methodist. &:~D

Amanda Mae

Dadgummit, Natalie, I love you and all your wordy fabulousness.


great post, natalie! hope you're doing well, and having a great year.

Questing Parson

You just got tagged at QP


I'm glad you're blogging again! I know school is busy, though.

Allen G.

I could use that kind of hug today.....


the kingdom of God is sitting next to me on the plane (and I usually want to close my eyes or listen to my i-pod instead of talking). the kingdom of God wanted to hitch a ride, but I was in the fast lane passing a truck and didnt think it was worthwhile to turn around. maybe the kingdom of God can be found in posts on a blog site (rarely visited) by a friend late at night in a hotel far from home? thanks for writing.

Amanda Mae

Natalie! It has been two dad-gum months since you have updated your blog. If this doesn't change soon, crying may ensue for me. Seriously. This is becoming ridiculous.

Have a great day!


I agree with Amanda!!!

1-4 Grace

Hope you are doing okay and school is fine.
What's in store for the summer? Are you going to be at conference?
Let us hear from you!

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