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nat this is excellent. i like to get our kids thinking theologically, its kinda hard with my limited formal education on theo, which i think most ym's are like.

good book to read in this case is "who needs theology" co-authored by stan grenz

Lorna (see-through faith)

good thoughts - but I laughed when you said that a blog quiz said that you were me ... poor you , lucky me

Blessing you in His name - the UMC sorely needs young theologians on fire for Him - just like you are :=)


Amen, amen, amen.

Except for the part about the clowns. I am petrified by clowns. Clowns cannot be theologians.

Dan Morehead

Interestingly, I was taught words like sanctification, prevenient grace and eschatological as a 12 yr old and also aided in seeing how they might matter. Young people's abilities should not be underestimated. I want the possibility of hearing simply, "I want to be a theologian," without addition or remainder and agree with the spirit of this post. I want theologians who are able to puzzle through the mysteries of our faith with the upmost rigor and seriousness, but agree that there needs to be the ability to speak to those who are not specifically trained to do this work. In some ways, that's why I rarely publish 'academic' theology on my blog. Stop by sometime. Thanks for the good post.


Very good.

I found a personal reminder this past weekend listening to the 3 HS seniors deliver the sermon on Youth Sunday. These kids are deeper than their outward persona would imply.

Rosina Fisher

wowzers. don't let the critics quench that godly fire. God bless you!


Completely true and well written. Now (if my life is any indication) be prepared to repeat often. Please, repeat often. There are too few people who speak up for young people.
Thank you.

Julie Nelson

Very well put. You are exactly right on. And, sadly, not only do we overlook young people, but we so often overlook everyone - thinking that only the theologically educated want to know those big "scary" words, so we shield everyone from them. All of the faithful yearn to know more about our faith and our Lord and it is time that we start trusting everyone with theology. Only then will we find ourselves a church of disciples.
God bless you, wise one. Keep proclaiming this message - tell everyone who will listen.

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