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Hi still reading and was happy when bloglines said you'd woken from your deep winter sleep ...

fellow procrastinator ... you are in good company with rev gals then

but why Episcapalian? Keen minds want to know ...

over at my blog you can see the greatest puppies of them all .... well maybe a slight exaggeration there because I am biased

Write more. P L E A S E


Good to see you back up and writing/typing.
I have the same question Lorna does...Episcopalian?
As for now, enjoy being who you are.


i can only guess that natalie wants to be episcopalian because there is more drama to talk about. nat, just wait a year or so, we'll get there too. &:~D

ps: welcome back, in whatever capacity you are back. i hope you find that prom date. i vote for jason (http://swaj.blogspot.com/), i hear he looks great in a blue tuxedo.


Thanks folks...

And Gavo, you hit the Episcopalian nail on the head!! Haha.



Eh. Prom is over-rated. Keep your opinions, and spend your money on books and not a dress. (And that's coming from a mom...)



Deb's right ... prom is over-rated ... so is Episcopalian. I'm an Episcopal seminarian and the drama gets old - trust me on this.


echoing deb here- peace and blessings

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