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Have you taken the opportunity to let the UMC know your thoughts on this?


Chris -- I'm in the process (I asked our Conference office) of getting contact info/ an email address for the general Connectional Table...


Natalie - That's hilarious (and sad) isn't it? that they don't even have your age category as an option?
I took the survey too - I thought the questions were pretty unhelpful and off-topic if they really want to figure out the state of the church. I didn't see how what they were asking would help them figure out for real how the church is doing. I wondered how they decided on the questions.
I do hope you get a response from them.


the irony of it all is that an online test should be directed by the youth and young adult demographic... honestly, how many 80 year olds are taking online surveys?


I haven't checked out the survey, but it seems like this is indicative of the general attitude the UMC has toward youth (and to some extent, young adults as well). They look nice in our churches, but can't contribute to the life of the larger church. I can remember being on AC committees as a youth-type, and I wasn't taken seriously because of my age. (And transportation was a problem...hrm, this might be a post for later for me...).

The thing I find slightly entertaining (and annoying) is the fact that the UMC hosts the exploration event for high school/college age youth and yet, as you mention, the process is so cumbersome and very anti-first-career pastors/youth.


I just took this survey, and they have corrected the error - there is now a spot for the 12-17 age demographic.


Thanks for the update -- I had noticed that they changed it while reading a comment left in Beth Quick's blog. Not that I'm trying to be overboard or anything, but 12-17 still isn't correct. Many people are confirmed as 11 year olds. I was one of them...


You've gotten the attention of some Connectional Table members, Natalie (no, I'm not one, I just know one). I'm glad you've shared your observations!

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I don't know how to receive my responce.

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