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Hi, I came in through Beth's tip.

I think this is the *biggest* thing that churches don't quite get...and it's something that should be common sense.

I think what's going on is that there's a huge shift going on in our culture, and all people can see is the generation gap rather than the cultural gap. They think that by targeting the generation, they're solving the problem. What's really needed is a radical shift in how we view ourselves, each other, the church, the ministry of Christ, God, and the relationships between those things. And the majority of it all comes down to: authenticity.

Nice to "meet" you, and looking forward to reading more!

Melissa :-)

PS - The first book on your list is on my reading list for my systematic theology class next semester, and the last two books on your list I totally want to read!


Natalie - another good post. I think many churches try to appeal to young people by getting caught up in the "fix-all" solution of more technology and newer songs. Those things might appeal to some, but I've noticed they seem to appeal more to the 40/50 somethings than the teens/20s/30s. I think young people are looking for something genuine, authentic, challenging, and most of all, something that doesn't seem hypocritical.

PS - I read She Who Is in seminary too (I went were Melissa is currently - Drew) and I'm impressed you're reading it now! I'm currently reading one of McLaren's other books - I like it.


This definitely has merit, I totally agree. I think the last thing we need is a new worship song or a new way to be relatable... We need more people like Faith Hawkins, who simply are relevant. She knows what it is that adds drive to our wanting the world to be a better place.


Great thoughts.

Henri Nouwen wrote in his little book on Christian Leadership, "In the Name of Jesus," that we need to be irrelevant in order to be effective Christian leaders. What he was tapping into is that in our desire to be "relevant" we sometimes cease being authentic people. The drive for relevance sometimes leads us to put on a facade that makes us appear cooler and better able to relate than we actually are. But if we will offer not our relevance but our "vulnerable selves" to people, then they will see Christ in us. Besides, everyone needs a place to open up and have permission to be vulnerable in order to be transformed. Authentic Christian community would be a good place for that.

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