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living in the world of your dreams...sounds pretty cool. I need a weekend, or week of that. my travel schedule has picked up a bit, but I am trying to read as I go. slowly, oh so slowly, working my way through "The Inner Life" by Thomas a Kempis and "New Seeds of Contemplation" by Thomas Merton. I see you are reading "A Circle of Quiet". I have wanted to read it. Let me know what you think. Also Buechner sounds very interesting. I-Tunes has a new 6 song Live Session by the Weepies you might be interested in. I downloaded 8 songs from Deb Talans solo collection. "Comfort" and "Forgiven" sound like they might be very good. (I haven't heard the whole songs yet - saving that for the ride home tomorrow).


How come you wrote "churches" in quotes?


hey lucia -- because some of the "churches" we went to (i.e. shrine of the black madonna) didn't strike me as true churches because their existance is based around condemning others...


I was part of YTI's first class way back in 1993. For a solid year after that summer, I longed for the same kind of experience that I found at YTI--and I never found that kind of community again. Divinity school came close, but never did I approach theology with the innocence and openness of that YTI summer.


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