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I think: Well said and right on! Great post. You are especially on in point 2 - no one would make the same suggestion in an opposite situation.

Glad you're back to the blogosphere!


that's just bogus. i know the old boys clubs still exist within the church. and what about those metho-baptist churches?


Welcome home. Hope YTI was all that you hoped for and more. They have worked long and hard to develop an amazing program.


Quite a stir you raised. Got Gavin involved and then gotmethinking hard too,both of us found away to incorporate you into our blogs.


Really, Natalie, I think we all just need to join Titus 2 women and learn how to arrange flowers.


Lucia, I love you.


While I agree overall with your critiques of the article, I do want to know what you think the church needs to do to recapture the hearts of men for the next generation. Don't waste your time with Murrow's book - I read it thought it was aweful.


Hmm... Honestly, I -- this is a short answer, I apologize for it not being any longer -- think that the church needs to try to be the church Christ would have us be.

Authenticity is something that 'captures' the hearts and minds of young people today: young men as well as young women. To be 'real' draws people in. We (as young people) are looking for folks to be honest and open about their lives and about Jesus. I believe that many more young people than one would think 'know' the Gospel or what the Gospel is about. But, like Gandhi, young people don't have so much a problem with Christ. It's those -- or many of those -- that call themselves Christian that present a problem.

I don't think we desperately need new songs in worship -- songs that are "masculine" or otherwise :) -- or new leadership necessarily. We don't need newly developed programs, or charismatic "hip" teachers. Although, certainly these things and others surely would be welcome and appreciated.

I think the key thing ( and, as Thomas Merton said, "Here I stand. But, I may be wrong!) is not to worry so much about 'pleasing young people' or attracting young people' as much as we as the church worry about pleasing our God.

Our God is real and alive. Our Christ lived on our Earth with us. The Holy Spirit is present. That, is what young people want to hear. And they/we know what a radical thing that is. We want to see it lived out by those who say they Believe.

Seeing real authentic people -- with all of the struggles that come along with being in sin-- meet Christ -- with all of the joy, atonement, Love, and glory -- in every day life would and is capturing the hearts and minds and souls of the "next generation".

I hope that made at least some sense. Feel free to jot me an e-mail or reply back here if I was too helter-skelter.



good follow up. i agree whole-heartedly.

Robin Russell

Hi Natalie and all,

I'm glad to know my article on men and the church has sparked such a lively discussion!

You might be interested to know that I've received LOTS of comments from men who say the article was spot-on, as far as how they feel. And they are asking for more information on the new UM Men's program, Wesleyan Bands of Brothers.

You might also want to check out a rebuttal we published from Perkins School of Theology prof and pastor Elaine Heath, who says the reason the church doesn't attract men is not that it's "feminized," but that it's lost its soul.

Here's a link:


Robin Russell, Managing Editor, the United Methodist Reporter

jason woolever

We have to ask what is the main agenda of our churches. If we don't care if American non-Christian men who don't naturally feel inclined to follow women go to hell, then we should just move forward without looking back. But then again, many United Methodists don't believe in hell, so of course anyone's pet social agenda takes precedent over evangelism.

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