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i signed up over the weekend. looks cool. don't know if i'll contribute but i might stop in and check out how things are going


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Now that cannabis has been reclassified, does it remain legal to own the seeds?
A company are using our business address as a "return to sender" address, I suppose in an attempt to not get caught. We tried to take them to the Police Station in the Summer but they wouldn't take them because it was legal to own cannabis (marijuana) seeds.


Уже сам вопрос «КАК», поднимает спрос на эту мою статью.
Вы, наверное, заинтересовались в этом, потому что увидели само слово — «как…?», и последующий ответ на это «как». И вам сразу захотелось узнать это, потому что раньше вы уже задавались таким вопросом. Ответ на этот вопрос идет далее в статье.

Как? Зачем? Что? Почему? Где...??? — все это действенные слова вопросы. Слова вопросы, которые подразумевают готовый ответ, только прочти дальше и узнаешь — как..., зачем…, где…???
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Но самое главное, чтобы все было без обмана. То есть, в статье должен быть ответ на поставленный в заголовке вопрос. Чтобы покупатель не купил один только вопрос, который есть в заголовке.

• Волшебное слово! — КАК?
Как зарабатывать в интернете?
Как сделать так, чтобы вас не видели другие пользователи?
Как уменьшить расходы по оплате услуг интернета?
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I have Symantec Antivirus version on ax XP pro machine.
When I run a full scan it stops a second later and says it's finished.
What could be causing this?


This is the new Vs. thread...back from the dead!!! In here, as in the last thread, you may speculate,tell the facts, or just lie about the three new systems!
That's what Hell Billy,Mike, did with his original, so let's continue the tradition.
Everyone has thoughts about the whole system fight and with there being 3 months till Wii and PS3 and the debate going to continue after the three are out, this thread is for them thar fightin' words.
This will also fill the void we may each have by not getting our daily post by Mayor Mortis saying "Wii." You know you've missed it!!!


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Добрый день дорогие друзья. У меня есть небольшой бизнес по автоперевозкам. Сейчас очень сложно найти клиентов, так как в кризис прибыль сильно упала, а реклама по прежнему нужна.
Вообщем, я долго думал, какая реклама даёт наилучшую отдачу.

Знакомый с интернет магазином парфюмерии посоветовал мне заказать e-mail рассылку.
Я сперва подумал, что за бред. А потом решил разок попробовать. Вообщем, сейчас я стал их постоянным клиентом и не сказать, что сильно, но выгодно оказалось использовать спам рассылки для увеличения дохода. Так что как оказалось спам - не такая уж и бредовая штука, как все говорят))

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What kinds of sex you know? Why it's positive for your health? How many sex you have for one week?


What kinds of sex you know? Why it's positive for your health? How many sex you have for one week?


Peace 2 All

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A Guide to Pepper Spray Laws

Pepper spray is the most popular self-defense weapon, but it is not legal in all states. At the time of publication of this writing, common pepper spray law was that you are allowed to carry it in all states.

In California, the largest can of pepper spray you are legally allowed to carry is 2.5 oz.

In Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, and Hawaii, pepper spray law says you are allowed carry it. There are, however, concentration limits and other restrictions. If you live in one of these states or plan to visit, be sure to carry a pepper spray that is sold as “Michigan Formula,” “Wisconsin Legal Pepper Spray,” and so on.

If you live in or plan on visiting Massachusetts and you want to carry pepper spray legally, their pepper spray law says you must get a FID (Firearms Identification Card). All you do is go to your local Massachusetts police station, show two forms of ID, fill out a form, pay $2, and wait a week. When you get your FID, keep it on your person (and of course, to make the FID useful, keep your pepper spray on your person as well).

Pepper Spray Litigation

From time to time, civilians and law enforcement officers have managed to use pepper spray excessively or irresponsibly. Even though pepper spray is non-lethal, it does hurt to go through getting sprayed with pepper spray. If you feel you have been unfairly attacked with pepper spray, you can force litigation.

Concerned citizens across the country have also noted that police offers have been known to use pepper spray on people when use of it was clearly gratuitous. Litigation has been pressed, and the media have touched on the subject to a small extent. As a result, the Justice Department commissioned a report about the benefits and dangers of pepper spray, resulting in a more education law enforcement system.

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+ Maylong FD-220
+ Match Navi-100 (menu)
+ Micromaxx MM 95242 MDPNA150
+ Mio DigiWalker h610
+ Mio moov 200 - EU (Europe version)
+ Mio moov 200 - n177
+ Mio moov 200 - USA
+ Mio C210
+ Mio DigiWalker c220
+ Mio C230 & Mio DigiWalker C230t
+ Mio C250 & Mio DigiWalker C250
+ Mio 269 Plus Digi-Walker
+ Mio C310 510 & Mio DigiWalker C310 510
+ Mio C320 520 720 & Mio DigiWalker C320 520 720
+ Mio Spirit V505 TV
+ Mio Spirit V735 TV
+ Mio H610
+ Mio C620
+ Mio C710, C720, C720B C725 & Mio DigiWalker C710, C720, C720B, C725
+ Mio moov 300 - n179 - Cobia 400
+ Mio moov 330 - n179 - Cobia 410
+ Mio moov 360 - n179 - Cobia 420
+ Mio moov 500 / S505 / Spirit 500
+ Mio Moov S555 / S556
+ Mio moov 580
+ MiTAC Mio 268 Digi-Walker
+ MiTAC Mio 269 Digi-Walker
+ Motivo avMap
+ Medion MDPNA 150 = MD95181 (menu)
+ Medion E-4110 = MDPNA-460t (menu)
+ Medion P-4410
+ Medion E-4420 = MD96760 (menu)
+ Medion E-3115 (menu)
+ Medion GoPal E3115
+ Medion MD 95895
+ Medion MD 95900
+ Medion MD 96123 - PNA 205
+ Medion MD 96310 - 3210
+ Medion MD 96130 - PNA 315t
+ Medion MD PNA150
+ Medion MDPNA 200 / 240t
+ Medion PNA 200S MD95900
+ Medion PNA 210 GOPAL
+ Medion PNA 300 MD95574
+ Medion PNA 310 MD95385
+ Medion MDPNA 315
+ Medion MDPNA 350
+ Medion MDPNA 465t (menu)
+ Medion MDPNA 470t p4410 = JVC KV-PX70
+ Medion MDPNA 470t P4Q
+ Medion MDPNA 500t MD95720
+ Medion MDPNA 510t MD96040
+ Medion GO PAL E4430
+ Medion PNA 1200 MD96710
+ Mesada
+ Modecom
+ Modecom FreeWay MX
+ Motivo
+ Motorola MOTONAV TN20
+ Motorola MOTONAV TN30
+ Mustek GP-220
+ Mustek GP-230
+ Mustek GP-250
+ Mustek GP-260
+ Mustek GP-440
+ MultiLaser EXPLORER 2
+ MX-ONDA MX 7235
+ MyGuide - 3000go
+ MyGuide - 3100
+ MyGuide - 3200
+ MyGuide - 3xxx series
+ MyGuide - 4000
+ MyGuide - 4300
+ Mystery-435
+ Mystery MNS-360MP
+ Mystery MNS-700S
+ NAV-CAM 700
+ NavGear Streetmate GP-35
+ NavGear Streetmate GP-43
+ Navgear Streetmate GT-50T-3D
+ Navia nv35
+ Navia nv45
+ Navia nv47
+ Navia nv55
+ Navia 2006
+ Navia 2008
+ Navia II
+ NaviGoo n3510
+ NAVIGO AutoNAVI - 3000
+ Navigon 1200, 1210 (menu)
+ Navigon 2100, 2110
+ Navigon 2100 max, 2110 max
+ Navigon 2210 (menu)
+ Navigon 3100, 3110
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 4000
+ Navigon 4350 max
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 5000
+ Navigon 5100
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 6000T / Navigon PNA Transonic 6000
+ Navigon PNA Transonic 7000T
+ Navigon 7100, 7110
+ Navigon 7200, 7210
+ Navigon 7300, 7310
+ Navigon 8100, 8110 (menu)
+ Navigon 9611 Porshe (menu)
+ NAVISPACE Discovery NS-1200
+ NAVIFLASH 1020/1020t/1040/1060
+ Navitel NX3100
+ Navitel NX3110
+ Navitel NX4110
+ Navitel NX4100
+ Navitel NX4110
+ Navitel NX4300
+ Navitel NX5100
+ Navon N250
+ Navon N260
+ Navon N350
+ Navon N360
+ Navon N450
+ Navon N460
+ Navon N470
+ Navon N550
+ Navon N560
+ Navon N650
+ Navroad 410
+ Navroad NR460
+ Navroad NR750F
+ NaviGoo n3521
+ NaviGoo n4320
+ NaviRoad 430BT & NaviRoad 450BV
+ NaviTop 5011
+ NaviTop 3511 (CNS Luna)
+ Navix 07PL
+ Navix 3508
+ Navix 4306
+ Navix 4306B
+ Navix 4307
+ Navix 4307B
+ Navix 4307Bx
+ Navman F20 (only update maps)
+ Navman N60i
+ Navman N20, N40, N60
+ Navman iCN510, iCN520, iCN530, iCN550, iCN720, iCN750
+ Navman S - (all serie / вся серия)
+ Navon N470
+ NDrive G280S / NDrive G280R
+ NDrive G400
+ NDrive G800 / G800R / G800S
+ NDrive Touch
+ NDrive Touch XL
+ Neoline V-460
+ Neoline V-500
+ Newsmy S998 7.0 inch GPS Navigator (Westin G701)
+ Newsmy S999 5.0 inch GPS Navigator
+ NEXX NNS-3501
+ NEXX NNS-4301
+ Nokia 330 Auto Navigation
+ NOKIA 500 PD 14 / Nokia 500 Auto Navigation
+ NOVOGO vn-2270
+ NTW GNT-E350
+ NTW GNT-C430
+ NTW GNT-C431
+ NTW GNT-S430
+ NTW GNT-S600
+ Oocare LGPS-E9125N
+ Oocare LGPS-E9128NH
+ ORION G3510-ue
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 300
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 400 & 420
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 500
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 600
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 820
+ Packard BELL Compasseo 810 / 830
+ Panasonic STRADA CN-GP50
+ Panasonic Strada Pocket CN-MP100D / CN-MP100DL
+ Panasonic Strada Pocket CN-MP200D / CN-MP200DL
+ Phantom Navigation Box
+ Phantom DVM-130G
+ Phantom DVM-1200 | 1200G
+ Phantom DVM-1320 | 1320G
+ Phantom DVM-1317 | 1317G
+ Phantom DVM-3028 | 3028G
+ Phantom DVM-1733 | 1733G
+ Phantom DVM-1700 | 1700G
+ Phantom DVM-3019 | 3019G
+ Phantom DVM-3006 | 3006G
+ Phantom DVM-1331 | 1331G
+ Phantom DVM-1800 | 1800G
+ Phantom DVM-1319 | 1319G
+ Phantom DVM-6500 | 6500G
+ Phantom DVM-3500 | 3500G
+ Phantom DVM-8300 & 8400
+ Phantom DVM-8500 | 8500G
+ Pharos EZ-Road PEZ120
+ Pharos Drive GPS 140
+ Pharos Drive GPS 150
+ Pharos Drive GPS 200
+ Pharos Drive GPS 250
+ PEIYING PY-GPS4301 (menu)
+ Pioneer PM-910
+ Pioneer PM-912
+ Pioneer MP-2035 BB
+ Pioneer MP-2038 BB
+ Pioneer MP-2039 BB
+ Pioneer AVIC F500BT / F700BT / F750BT / F760BT / F770BT / F900BT
+ Pioneer AVIC-8DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pioneer AVIC-800DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pioneer AVIC-9DVD (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-s1
+ Pionieer AVIC-s2
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1R (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X1BT (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-D3 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ Pionieer AVIC-X3 (оригин. последней версии диск с картами Европейских стран)
+ PNi 350
+ Pocket Navigator MW-350
+ Pocket Navigator MW-430
+ Pocket Navigator PN-4300
+ Pocket Navigator PN-7020
+ Pocket Navigator PN-7050
+ Powerman PM-N430
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 100
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 135
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 150
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 350
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 450 BT (Voxtel Carrera X433, MSI MS5651, AIGO A5301, MyRoad 4308 TMC)
+ Prology IMAP 3100
+ Prology MDB-20
+ RAMAR 5026
+ RealAegis Armor 1000 Series
+ RealAegis Period 100 Series
+ Road Angel Navigator 6000
+ Roadmax vmax483 (Navmax)
+ GPS Devices win CES 2007 Awards (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax351 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax361 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmaxNV1 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax501 (Navmax)
+ Route 66 mini (menu)
+ SAILOR SA-9007
+ SHTURMANN Mini 100
+ Shturmann Link 300 & Shturmann Link 300 Pro
+ Shturmann A200 & SHTURMANN Play 200
+ Sigma ST10
+ Sigma ST20
+ SmartGPS 610, 620 (menu)
+ SmartGPS 310, 320 (menu)
+ Starway 4.3" & Starway 47 & Starway 50 & Starway 50A
+ Strato PJ63517
+ Stromberg Carlson GPS-4301
+ Supportplus SP-GPS22A
+ Supratech ACTEA
+ Sony KW4315
+ Sony u93tc, u92t, u83, u73t, u53, u51a
+ Symorp S35-A100
+ Symorp GP43BL
+ Targa PNA-E3530
+ Thinknavi UZ
+ TomTom (TomTom ONE, TomTom XL, TomTom GO 730, TomTom GO 930)
+ TELE System TS8.1PND
+ TELE System TS8.2BT / TELE System TS8.2PND
+ TELE System TS8.3PND
+ TELE System TS8.4PND
+ TELE System TS8800PND
+ TELE System TS8500PND
+ TELE System TS8600PND
+ Tenex 50s
+ TEVION p-310
+ teXet TN-500
+ teXet TN-505
+ teXet TN-510
+ teXet TN-555
+ teXet TN-600
+ ThinkNavi T7
+ Tibo A1000
+ Tibo A1550i
+ Tibo A1700
+ Tibo XRoad A4050
+ Tibo XRoad V4100
+ Tibo XRoad V4150
+ Tibo S1000
+ Tibo S1200
+ Tibo XRoad V4150
+ TN GoWay GPS 866
+ TN GoWay GPS 869
+ TRAK gps210
+ TRAK gps425 (menu)
+ Tracer Navigator TRN-1 = Keomo, model KM_RG_PND
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+ Transonic 6000t
+ Transonic 7000t
+ Thomson Intuiva 420 ( LG )
+ TravelMate su/as 762035
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+ Typhoon MyGuide 2500 GO
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Motorcycle accidents.

I thought it might be a good idea if their brains are not splashed across the pavement.

Boy, was I wrong. Motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle magazine was furious that I wrote, and urged his readers to write to my publisher and tell him that the mucus and myself.

In this, he knew that I was a slime, he did not dismiss me. He had just passed along the letter, nor for my edification or as my punishment.

I read them all. And the rider after rider told me that he was "right" to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I checked the Constitution, to see if I could find the right, but I could not.

So I came to the conclusion that the \"right\" to keep the motorcycle on a right that every American believes that he was born with: the right to be stupid.

The right to be stupid is a God-given right. And many spend a lifetime perfecting it.

Drive with seat belt? Never. If I want to be thrown through the windshield at high speeds, hover in the air and eventually, as an ornament on the hood of the oncoming bus, I am entitled.

Wear a motorcycle helmet? Never. Next thing they will tell me what shoes to wear. I have the right not to wear anything that I do not want to wear.

Gary Busey, the actor, who did an excellent job playing Buddy Holly 10 years ago, believe in the right to be stupid. He not only believed in it, he was for it.

When California to discuss whether to require all motorcyclists to wear helmets, Busey campaign against him. Education the answer, he said, rather than helmets.

Busey, itself, is a well-trained, experienced driver motorcycle. At the age of 44, he rode for many years. And when he took his 1300-cc, 600 pounds, $ 16000 a Harley next trip last Sunday, he knew just what he does.

Until seconds later, after a trip only 90 meters, he tried to take a turn around the bus lost control, was thrown from the cycle and hit the curb head.

He was not, of course, was wearing a helmet. Instead, he was invoking his right to be stupid car accidents.

He went through 90 minutes of neurosurgery to remove blood clots from the brain. As I write this, it seems that it will be OK.


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