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Why do you mock the staring of a new church in Vegas? Are you aware that there are 2 million people here -- the majority of which don't visit casinos?


Wait -- saying we don't visit the casinos was inaccurate. The best movie theaters and restaurants are found within the casinos -- but we aren't all hopeless gamblers and drunks -- though even if we were, would we not deserve a church?


First off, I would like to say that I am not mocking anything. Read the first paragraph of the post. These were quotes that I found "odd, inappropriate, funny, so true they make you want to cry, lies, etc…". I'm just recording here the things that struck me as such.

I do not think everyone -- or even the majority of people -- in Las Vegas are "gamblers" or "drunks". I definitely agree with you that everyone deserves a church. Not only does everyone deserve a church though, everyone needs a church.

Peace to you, Disciple.

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