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recovered from slr yet?


haha yeah... i slep for about 21 hours straight. SO I think I'm pretty much recovered in that regard. Although I'm still sort of processing through the past 5 weekends in my mind.


nice poem. is it about you? ever dye your hair red?

hey, it you like damien and sufjan, I bet you would like The Weepies (Deb Talan) www.theweepies.com (or did I already make this recommendation). I am on spring break too (kinda). Slept in till 10:30


nope. I don't think it's about me; I didn't really have anyone in mind when I wrote. And, no I've never dyed my hair red, let alone any other color. I'd never thought about it in the hair sense though, so that's cool. I wrote it with a cherry-sauce covered vanilla ice cream cone in mind. I admit that it's sort of an odd parallel though. . .


so what's the explanation of the recent silence going to be?

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