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That's what I'm talking about. Keep dreaming. Keep planning. You're right...a youth caucus is fishy. But, we can do some educating and grassroots communication. Nothing wrong with that. Let's talk. Z might have some insight....


I believe the grassroots part of it is the key to the whole thing. But it seems that when we start from scratch i.e. sitting at the booth in The Grill, we have no way to put any power behind it. Organization is also somehow key to this too. . .


you have the means for grassroots. use the myspace/blogosphere/xanga/email world to get the word out. inspire the heart, if you can inspire the hearts of people they will move mountains for you. be ready to show how they can help be change agents with you. those are the logistical thoughts.

before that, pray for inspiration & God's movement to place the people in your paths to help you out.


I am always leary of the political system. Especially when it involves church. Having said that, I think its cool to voice your opinion. Especially the youth opinion. Even the "Collective/Organized Youth Opinion". I have seen a passionate, concerned voice radically change an entire congregation. I am with Gavin, the thing you can bring to the process is serious prayer and listening to God for guidance. Sometimes the "children" hear His voice most clearly.


What a great post! (I found you via wesleydaily.com - I'll be interested to hear what direction you take.


I really appreciated your post...I'm 25 and I've been going to Annual Conference for 10 years as a youth and young adult delegate...It really makes me feel good to know that other young people are thinking about the way that the church looks and acts. I've had some experience at General Conference (delegate at 2000, 2004) and I'd really enjoy talking to you about some strategies to get youth and young adults elected to GC (3 of the 10 delegates from my conference were under the age of 25 in 2004), as well as the huge impact that you can have on your conference. Email me if you'd like to talk shop sometime.


I appreciate ya'lls comments more than you know. As AC draws nearer I will post more about this/ give an update when an update is due.

Matt, I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime soon.

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